How To Get Rid Of Bad Acne Scars Fast – 7 Guaranteed Ways

How To Get Rid Of Bad Acne ScarsFinding the most suitable solution on how to get rid of bad acne scars takes time as each of the available natural or chemical products act differently depending on your skin type, on how correct your cleansing routine is, on whether your body produces too high amounts of oil or your diet is unbalanced enough to contribute to recurrent acne outbreaks.

Given below are some of the products people use for stopping the formation of acne spots and for removing dead cells and scarred tissues left by this skin condition. Most of them are really powerful as deep acne scars require strong treatments in order for the scarred tissues to be eliminated and for new fibers to fill the cavities and restore skin’s structure and appearance.

Thus, before starting to use any of the remedies below, you should check their potential side effects as well, as even if most natural cures are virtually free of adverse reactions, some people might have a very sensitive skin and these products might be a little too strong for them.

How To Get Rid Of Bad Acne Scars With Green Tea

Green tea, taken internally or applied externally, is a very efficient remedy for acne and scars left by pimples as it contains high amounts of antioxidant ingredients that work by reducing inflammation and swelling, killing bacteria and preventing the formation of new acne spots.

The tea strengthens the immune system, improves circulation and oxygenation of skin, helping it regenerate faster and speeding up the replacement of damaged, scared tissue with healthy one.

As internal treatment, green tea should be consumed daily, preferably in the morning to avoid potential side effects. One cup of this tea is powerful enough for exerting its healing effects efficiently. If you opt for using the tea externally, soak a cotton ball in the liquid and rub it against the scared tissues several times a day.

How To Get Rid Of Pimple Scars At Home With Vinegar

A second solution for removing pimple scars naturally is vinegar, which has an acidic formula thus helps in the removal of dead skin cells and scared tissue from the top layers of the skin. Applied regularly, this remedy reduces the size of scars, making it easier for healthy skin cells to grow and replace the damaged ones.

However, being that vinegar is quite powerful, it shouldn’t be applied as it is on the skin as it can cause burns. So if you decide using this solution to how to get rid of deep acne scars, dilute it with water and apply it on the affected skin in small amounts, using a cotton pad.

How To Get Rid Of Severe Acne Scars With Cocoa Butter

Most important property of cocoa butter, which recommends this natural product as remedy for severe acne scars, is its high content of vitamins and good fats. Cocoa butter penetrates the skin and nourishes is, restoring the normal production of sebum, keeping skin hydrated and softening the scarred tissues.

Applied on the skin daily, as it is or in combination with other skin-friendly ingredients, such as liquid vitamin E, this natural product can make a great mask for severe scars on face or body. Just mix the ingredients and place the sticky paste on the damaged skin, allowing it to exert its effects for 10-20 minutes then remove it and rinse with warm water.

How To Get Rid Of Bad Pimple Scars Quickly With Gotu Kola

This plant is used more in the southern hemisphere but it’s very effective in removing scarred tissue and stimulating the formation of new skin cells as it has strong antioxidant properties. Products obtained from this plant increase the blood flow to the top layers of the skin, reducing inflammations and irritations, redness and swelling of scarred skin.

By fighting against bacteria that could cause new acne spots to form and by stimulating the production of collagen fibers, which fill the cavities left by scars, Gotu Kola sustains the healing of skin affected by pimple scars.

How To Remove Deep Pimple Scars Using Henna Leaves

Henna is often used in treating hair-related problems but it’s also a very strong healer for skin damaged by acne, psoriasis or other similar conditions. Leaves of this plant are usually used in homemade teas, alone or mixed with turmeric for an enhanced action.

Henna leaves the skin cleansed, unclogs pores, removes dirt and bacteria, prevents the occurrence of new pimples and promotes an even coloration of the skin. To take advantage of this solution to how to get rid of bad acne scars, apply the obtained tea or mixture on the damaged areas, daily, until scars start fading away.

How To Treat Deep Pimple Scars With Mint

Mint is another excellent choice for people dealing with severe acne scars and pimples, as this plant is very strong and kills the pathogens responsible for acne’s development. Also, it removes pigmentation and helps in reducing the unpleasant aspect of stretch marks and blemishes.

Mint leaves can be boiled and the obtained tea can be applied on the skin daily until scars start diminishing. Also, fresh mint juice mixed with basil leave juice can be used for healing the swelling, irritation, redness and discomfort caused by this skin condition.

How To Get Rid Of Bad Acne Scars With Manuka Honey

Manuka honey is generally used in New Zealand as a home remedy for numerous skin conditions, from acne and eczema to psoriasis, as well as for cuts, burns, insect bites and other skin problems. Rich in amino acids and sugars, this product improves skin’s appearance, makes it smoother, softer and evenly colored.

Also, through its antibacterial action, this product helps in the removal of bacteria that causes the formation of acne spots. Manuka honey reduces blemishes and helps in the removal of dead skin cells that accumulate in the scarred areas.

The easiest method for using this product is to apply it as it is on the damaged tissue. For maximum benefits the honey should be left to exert its effects for at least 12 hours, so it’s better to apply this product on your face or back before going to bed.

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